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Sphynx kitten for sale in seattle

Sphynx Cats Seattle

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The bloodlines that FANTCFUR and RMPLJUSTSKIN have been producing are fabulous! My Mama cat’s father, FANTCFUR INKMAN, received the award “Best in Breed” 2007 for the Northwest Region! Along with many other awards throughout the years that he showed. The 2012 Northwest Regional TICA "Best Sphynx Kitten Of The Year" award went to one of our kittens - Spaulding. I could gone on and on about how wonderful our kitties do in the show ring - but what really matters it that they are healthy, well cared for and loved, loved, loved.
All of our kitties have free roam of the house and are never, ever caged up! They are literally raised under foot and in our beds. They are regularly exposed to children and new people, anyone who enters our home are so impressed by how friendly and gregarious they are. We have converted most of our skeptical friends! I regularly clip their nails so that they become accustom and they are all litter trained. I would encourage you to come visit and spend some time with your potential kitten, they are like no other cats in the world.

Welcome to RMPLJUSTSKIN Sphynx Cattery

Please see "About" for more info on us and the Sphynx breed. Look through the pictures of our wonderful hairless family and contact me if you are interested in making a Sphynx kitten part of your family.
For me, having Sphynx and breeding them is a hobby and passion. I love cats. My daughter, Elise, is allergic to cat fur and dander, so that made it impossible for me to have regular cats. Several years ago, after much searching, we found a male Sphynx. That was the beginning or our family’s wonderful Sphynx journey.It just so happened that he was able to breed, that was an unexpected surprise. Through more searching, I found a cattery in my area that was willing to mentor me and provide me with much needed guidance and support for breeding as well as providing my precious "mama" cat Peachy Pea. Unfortunately, our original male Sphynx (Meowmer) was lost in a tragic accident. My mentor and friend Peggy Smith of FANTCFUR Cattery, helped me again….
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Sphynx kittens for sale Seattle
hairless kittens for sale
hairless kittens for sale
Sphynx cat for sale seattle
Sphynx for sale seattle
All photos featured on my site are personal pictures.
The very best way to stay up-to-date regarding kittens and keep in touch with me is through my Facebook page.